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We Make The FFL Transfer Process Easy

We wanted to clarify a few things for customers on how an FFL transfer works so that you can understand the time frame and steps involved.

Our FFL transfer fees:

  • $35 per firearm
  • $10 per non-firearm
  • $100 on NFA transfer

We will make sure that your firearms get into your hands safely and in a timely fashion.

WE WILL CONTACT YOU after your firearm arrives and has been processed through our system.

Step by Step process:

Buyer – You, the customer purchasing the firearm online

Seller – Online retailer, gun auction site, other that is listing, selling, and shipping the firearm.

Blackbeard Armory & Range = That’s us!

The buyer finds a gun online and purchases it with their credit card or form of payment they used.  Seller will request the designated FFL to ship the firearm to and the buyer would indicate Blackbeard as the recipient. If we appear in the seller’s database, you can select us. If not, Provide them with the following information and the seller will typically email us requesting our Federal Firearms License (FFL).

Our email: kerry@blackbeardguns.com phone: 903-819-2755

Mailing Address:
Blackbeard Armory & Range

2926 Texoma Parkway

Sherman, TX 75090

Click Here for Copy of our FFL


  • Seller emails Blackbeard Armory for a copy of our FFL, the FFL is never sent to the buyer.
  • Upon proper verification, the Seller will ship the firearm
  • Firearms are received by Blackbeard Armory and logged into our A&D books, and processed thru our system.
  • We will call the buyer and let them know when it is ready for pickup. We kindly ask you to refrain from calling the store as we can not release the firearm until it is logged in properly, and all information is correct.
  • The buyer comes to the store to pick up your firearm from us. You will need to bring a valid form of government-issued identification and transfer fee per item, and complete a 4473 and pass background.